Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Elevating Body With Sports

Some types of exercise that can be done to raise the body


Stretching muscles, such as wiggling is one of the most simple exercise that can be done to raise the body

    Quick run short / Sprint

When we sprint, there signing the bone stimulates the bone to grow, but sprint to elevate the body should be carried out on the grass or on the floor, not on concrete


Kicking is also putting pressure on the bone, you can play indoor soccer or football to raise the body


You can do jump rope / skiping or can also jump ladder height approximately half of calf us


Cycling 15-20 minutes a day in addition to fun could help stimulate growth in height


Swim as it is known a lot of people help to raise the body, but it turned out to swim the breaststroke is the most stimulating bone growth.

    Sports games
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Monday, August 24, 2015

Profil Pemain Basket Terkenal

Kareem Abdul - Jabbar ( born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor , Jr. on April 16 , 1947 at New York City , New York ) is a former basketball player from the United States . He played for the UCLA team , then professionally for the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers . Tertinggisepanjang time record scorer with 38 387 are still held by it . After retiring from playing , he also became a movie star , among others in the film Game of Death bersamaBruce LeeAirplane !. and the film comedy
Charles Wade Barkley (born 20 Februari1963, in Leeds, Alabama) is an American basketball power forward Serikatterdahulu in the National Basketball Association. Now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, nicknamed Sir Charles Barkley and occasionally The Round Mound ofRebound. Barkley made a name diMost Valuable Player in the NBA season 1993. In 1996, the celebration of the 50th NBA, named in the 50 greatest players in NBA history. Barkley won the Olympic gold medal along with the US Dream Team in the game in 1992 and 1996. Barkley named in Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in tahun2006. He plays the body 198 cm.
Barkley remembered as the best for persistence and tenacity in rebounds, Despite his lack of height in the actual position as a power forward. In addition to becoming one of the best rebounders of all time, he has gained a lot of numbers and perfecting his game.
After his playing career, Barkley has enjoyed his greatest success as a sports commentator, lead one to believe his legacy in basketball would resemble American football star John Madden.
Kobe Bryant (born August 23, 1978) is an NBA player and play for klubLos Angeles Lakers. He wears costumes back numbered 24 (in season) and play the shooting guard position. Kobe was first played in the NBA at the competition in 1996-1997 and has lead the Los Angeles Lakers a few times along with the current champion O'Neil lainnyaShaquille talented players who are now playing for the Miami Heat. One of his achievements was scored 81 points as against Toronto on January 22, 2006, which is the second highest number of digits in NBA history to be printed in one game.Di this season he scored 50 points to top the fourth straight game to have a record turut.Ia throughout his career yatu make up 50 points in as many as 21 kali.Tetapi record that was not enough, because the legend Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan more mencetk points above 50.Chamberlain with 108 kai, and jordan 31 kali.Tapi, in NBA history He once scored 81 points in one game where it is a record second only to Wilt Chamberlain terbayak who can score 100 points in one game

Wilton Norman Chamberlain , better known as Wilt Chamberlain ( August 21, 1936 -12 October 1999 ) , is an NBA basketball player . In 1962 , Chamberlain scored 100 points ; is still the highest in a game. Ten years later , he scored the 30,000th of his career . He never played in the club the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers

Michael Jeffrey Jordan ( born February 17 1963 in Brooklyn , New York , USA ) is an American football player basketprofesional . He is well-known players in the world in the sport . At least , six times captured the NBA championship with the group Chicago Bulls ( 1991-1993,1996-1998 ) . It has a height of 198 cm and the title of the best players .
He began his career in the NBA in 1984 and joined the Chicago Bulls to 1998. During his career , he has collected six titles and five-time MVP was appointed as a regular . The owner 's name is famous Air Jordan retired from basketball in 2003 after two years with the Washington Wizards . After that , he became a businessman . Besides listed as the owner of the Bobcats , Jordan occupied the property business .
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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Shortest NBA basketball player and Top

Basketball today is increasingly favored by many people and it makes things - things associated with it to be very interesting to be a talking point . Starting from the most popular NBA basketball associations , clubs that compete in them or perhaps about players that are excellent
 Of the many things that certainly raises a unique facts of basketball and the following I summarize some of the shortest and tallest basketball player of all time ever enliven basketball association the largest in America . For that by reading the following article - well then you will get a lot of interesting facts about it

We start with the player who got the title as the shortest player in the NBA
In third position we will find a basketball player who has a height of 170 cm . The man named Anthony Webb . Anthony Webb followed Slamp NBA dunk contest in 1986 and although it has the shortest body size he showed the highest jump owned by him until he managed to win the contest at the time. Furthermore, there is Earl Boykins who have a height of 165 cm . This player is so famous in the world of basketball because he made ​​the following techniques managed to collect 32 points in a game that took place on November 11 , 2004.
Earned the title as the shortest player Tyrone Bogues who only has a height of 160 cm . Small body size gives the benefit for him to be able to break through the opponent higher .

Furthermore, switching to the tallest player in the NBA .
In third place there Yao ming who have a height of 232 cm . Yao ming utilize his height so that he is able to provide the best games for the team that defended . Yao ming entry with defending NBA Houston Rockets since 2002
Next we encounter Georghe Muresan have heights over 2 cm of Yao Ming . One player who is also notable because it was playing a movie titled " My Giant " in 1998
Manuel bol which has a height of 235 cm worth crowned as the tallest player in the NBA . Players who were born in Sudan is well known for its expertise in blocking shots from opponents .
And that's some interesting facts about the players in the NBA
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brandon Marshall On The Move

According to Jay Glazer the Miami Dolphins traded wideout Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears. The Bears will send a pair of third-round picks to the Dolphins for 2012 and 2013.

The move will reunite Marshall with Bears quarterback Jay Cutler where they paired together with the Denver Broncos before both were traded.

The Dolphins who like Marshall as a player but were fed up with his attitude and behavior at times. In Miami he averaged 83 receptions and and 4.5 touchdowns in two seasons.

The Bears hope with a healthy Cutler and a motivated Marshall they can replicate his numbers in Denver averaging 103 receptions and over 8 touchdowns a season.

Marshall is set to make $27 million over the next three seasons and the move saves Miami $5.8 million

From The Sports Mind Of RB:
Marshall has immense talent and everyone knows that but this is his third team since being drafted in 2006. At some point his talent has to do more of the talking then he does. Now with Cutler he probably has a quarterback he could believe in.
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Randy Moss Unretired?

The San Francisco 49ers have decided to sign free agent Randy Moss to a one-year deal. Moss who retired before the start of last season worked out with the team before being signed to the contract.

The six-time Pro Bowler said of the move to come out of retirement "It was a no-brainer for me. I'm very passionate about what I do."

Moss last played for the New England Patriots, the Minnesota Vikings and the Tennessee Titans before being cut by the Titans back during the 2010-2011 season. Those who watched Moss workout said he looked great and were blown away by his speed.

The 49ers heading into the off-season had a glaring need for a deep threat wide receiver after losing in the NFC Championship game in which one pass was completed to a wideout.

"We are pleased to add a player with Randy's wealth of experience to our receiving corps," said 49ers general manager Trent Baalke.

Moss ranks 5th in receiving yards, 5th in touchdowns and 3rd in receiving touchdowns all-time in NFL history.

From The Sports Mind Of RB:
The 49ers definitely needed help at wide receiver but I hope they don't think Moss will be the answer. His last season in the league was not that good. And what happens if the team gets off to a bad start, will he just mope and quit? The Niners are taking a gamble but hope it will pay off in the end.
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